Accumulation of Mineral Sediments & Hard Water Deposits in Plumbing Pipes in Estero, FL

Affecting the water supply of nearly ¾ of the country, hard water is really more common than you might suppose. Hard water is not typically a health risk, it is a condition characterized by high volumes of mineral content in the water that enters your home. The excessive mineral content in hard water, such as calcium, is safe enough to ingest. But why hard water is generally undesirable, is the problem it has on your home mostly. Hard water significantly impacts plumbing pipes, fixtures, and appliances that centers around the use of water. Hard water can also dry out your skin, be heavy to your hair, as well as the affect of the overall cleanliness. But today, we at AAA Water Team would like to express the damage hard water can cause to the plumbing in your home.

Hard Water Deposits & Other Damage to Plumbing Pipes & Appliances

1) Accumulation of Mineral Sediments. Faucets and drains assist in helping professionals scale the amount of buildup from the white or yellowish layers of crust the water leaves behind. More often than not, the mineral deposits, or also referred to as scale buildup, is more than a challenge to clean off. Though there are many premade cleaners that claim to be the most effective, vinegar, a lemon wedge, and some elbow grease is an effective method, though it can be a tedious process. But what you have to stop and consider, as you clear away the mineral deposits, is if the faucets and drains are this bad; imagine what the piping looks like. Not only are the pipes affected, but the accumulation of scale buildup on the water heaters, dishwashers, and other such appliances are expediting the deterioration as well as decreasing the efficiency.
2) Scale Buildup Cleaning is Expensive. Slowly restricting the volume o water, the scaling in your pipes can be a measure problem, especially as the buildup grows. With low water pressure, homeowners resort to calling a plumber by this time where the pipes are significantly restricted. By this time it may be a better option to simply replace the pipes, though that is a pricey service as well. Mineral deposits contribute to many other issues besides marring the aesthetics of your drains and fixtures and causing inefficient water supply with obstructed pipes. Some examples include the following:
– Tubs, sinks, toilets, and faucets require excessively frequent cleaning. Because soap cannot dissolve as easily in hard water, it builds up on the surfaces quickly.
– Coffee makers and other water-using devices will lose efficiency until they die before their lifespan expectancy.
– Dishwashers and wash machines deliver poor performance.

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To avoid the negative impacts of hard water, a water softener can be installed in your home. The best solution is to invest in a whole-house water softener before the plumbing, appliances, and fixtures are destroyed. With the aid of a water softener, the minerals are removed from the water and replaced with small amount of salt, though nowhere near enough for adverse health effects with a typical installation. Call the experts of AAA Water Team today to get your water softener installed and avoid costly damages.

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