Interesting Facts About Water in Bonita Springs, CA; Hydration, Household Water Usage & More

Water plays a major role in our lives. The vast majority of the planet is comprised of water. It is in the very air we breathe, it is literally a large part of what we are, and with it, we cannot survive. With AAA Water Team improving the water your drink and use in everyday life applications such as Water Systems, Water Softening Systems, Water Purification Systems, Water Filtration Systems, Water Treatments, Water Pumps, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Well Water Systems. Knowing the value of clean, fresh water is something we do not take lightly. Considering the volumes of knowledge we hold about water, we would like to share some interesting facts about water.

Interesting & Scientific Facts About Water

1) The amount of water the Earth is currently cradling, believed by experts, is the same as it was millions of years ago.
2) Water expands 9% when it freezes.
3) Despite being able to survive without eating for up to a month, a human being can only go at most a week without water.
4) The human brain is comprised of 70% water.
5) Made of 95% water are cucumbers and jellyfish.
6) To create one pint of beer it takes 20 gallons of water.
7) 400 billions of gallons of water a day is the average use in the United States.
8) The fresh water is found underground is only a mere 30%.
10) There is 68.7% the Earth’s fresh water trapped in glaciers.

Fun Facts About Hydration

1) Maintaining the balance of bodily fluids is done by drinking enough water a day. Water is an essential element to our overall health, among the many contributing factors, water aids the digestion, absorption, circulation, manufacturing saliva, circulating nutrients, and regulating body temperature.
2) Whenever you feel thirst, medical experts encourage you to satisfy the need as soon as possible. The craving is the brain alerting you that the needs water replacement. It is important you submit to the need and take a drink unless you are on medication that constantly makes you feel thirsty. When you are thirsty, avoid beverages that dehydrate the body, such as alcohol.
3) Water is beneficial for those looking to lose weight, as well as maintain it. Being that water is calorie free, choosing to drink water instead of the calorie filled beverage helps in the endeavor. Additionally, some people mistake thirst for hunger, as well as water allowing you to feel full for a time, giving you the opportunity to skip the calorie filled snack.
4) Water energizes the muscles. Fluids and electrolytes will deplete, causing muscle fatigue; with water, the cells in the muscles are balanced. Straining the muscles during activities, weight training, and other exercising, it is important to drink water as you go.
5) The skin also is influenced by water consumption. Water won’t dissolve fine lines and wrinkles, but water will keep the skin from drying out. Properly moisturized skin will keep the lines and wrinkles more subtle.

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