Why Do We Need Water in Our Body? Importance of Water in Human Life in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL

This is the time of year that people seem to get sick more often. Partially due to the fact that people will be spending more time indoors and around others that are sick. Other problems could be related to not taking good care of your body. With the New Year coming people are looking for ways to lose weight as well as gaining good health. If you want to look for easy ways to stay healthy and increase how you feel there is a very simple answer. Drinking good quality filtered water is a great way to increase many aspects of your health. Most people don’t realize that water makes up a lot of your body and depriving yourself of water can stop your organs from working correctly. You want to ensure that you are drinking enough water to keep your body working. There are other health benefits of drinking water as well.

AAA Water Team Outlines Several Benefits from Drinking Enough Water

Drinking Water & Intelligence: If you knew that you could increase your brain power by drinking water would you? Of course if there is a way to get smarter by simply drinking water most people would do that. Well it is time to grab a glass of water because it has been studied and shown that if you drink water you can increase your brain power. When you are dehydrated which means you are not drinking water it has been proven that your concentration will lack. You are not able to think clearly or focus on the tasks that are in front of you. That is why if you are heading to class it is important to grab your water bottle and drink up. This will help you do better and learn more throughout your day.
Water Intake & Mood: Have you ever been through your day feeling crabby or upset? Maybe you are easily irritated by people or things around you. Did you know that dehydration has been linked to a change in your mood? When you do not have enough water in your body you will become dehydrated. This then leads to you feeling upset easier and tired. When this occurs it makes it harder to deal with tasks ahead of you making you get angry or agitated. You can release some of this tension by ensuring you are drinking the right amount of water for you and your activity level.
Water Wakes Up Your Organs: When you drink water you are feeding your body exactly what it needs to function. You can live several weeks without food but only a short three days with no water. This is because your body is mainly made up of water and in order for your heart, stomach, lungs and other organs to work properly they need to be hydrated. Drinking water on a regular basis is not only a way to keep you feeling better but necessary for your overall health.

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