Latest Water Filter Purification & Treatment Technologies in Whiskey Creek, FL Such as Reverse Osmosis

All living things require water. Therefore, it’s essential that drinking water is clean to prevent illness or disease. Man has been seeking different ways to clean water for centuries. In fact, some of the first water filters and purification systems can be dated back to ancient Egypt. Due to human’s pursuit for clean drinking water there are a number of water filtering systems that are widely used today. Some will ask which method is superior, the answer is none. You will want to use the method for your water conditioning that suits you. AAA Water Team will share the different methods of cleaning water and how you can pick the right one for your home.

How Does a Water Filter Work?

There are many water filtering systems that rely on technology while others are effective without the use of technology. Each filter system is also designed to remove certain impurities. For example, some water may contain iron while others may contain bacteria or minerals. Some water systems are designed to help soften water. The condition of the water coming into your home will determine which filter system is needed. Below are the different types of filter systems and their uses.

Types of Home Water Filters & Purifiers

Carbon Filters – Carbon filters help purify water. This is one of the oldest ways to clean water. The ancient Egyptians even used carbon inside their water storage barrels. The carbon not only cleans the water, it improves the taste as well as removes odor and discoloration. Modern technology of the carbon also removes or reduces the amount of contaminants in water including chlorine and pesticides. The benefits of using carbon filters are that the carbon absorbs the chemicals and bacteria found in the water. The actual absorption process can vary. One method is when all contaminates adhere together to make solid pieces which then is captured by the filter. This is the most commonly used method today. Often referred to as a GAC and powdered block filter systems, carbon filters are ideal for homes that suffer from chemical exposure which most city tap water has as well as many other forms of contaminates found in your home water.
Ion Exchange – Ion exchange is a form of a water softener filter. Homes that suffer from hard water greatly benefit from an Ion exchanger or water softener system. This process uses ion-exchanger resin which is composed of tiny beads that attract and trap the minerals. After the minerals are trapped inside the resin, another ion is then released which is why it is called an “Ion Exchanger”. For example, if there is a high number of copper in the water, the resin will capture the copper and release sodium.
Mechanical Water Filters – Mechanical filters are usually used as a support filter system. Much like a fish tank filter, a mechanical filter captures large particles in a nylon filter as the water is passed and circulated through the filter system. As this method captures particles found in the water it removes chemicals, bacteria, or other microscopic contaminants in the water which is why it is considered a support system.
Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis uses pressure to flow water through a semi-permeable membrane which then traps particles. Reverse osmosis does such great job cleaning water, it can treat any water and transform it into drinking water, including saltwater. Reverse osmosis is a complex system using multiple components that relies heavily on technology.

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There are a number of water filtering systems. To help determine which one your home needs, we recommend that you have your water tested. The results will insure that your home receives the right filter for your water condition. AAA Water Team provides a wide range of filtering systems, water softeners, and even water testing. If you want to have clean water, contact AAA Water Team today!

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