Staying Hydrated in Cold Winter Weather in Fort Myers Beach, FL; Dehydration Symptoms & Facts

When the hot summer months are in full swing the need to drink water is easier to meet. It is something that your body needs and when it is telling you you’re thirsty you are already dehydrated. The hot weather can cause you to become dehydrated but that does not mean that the cold winter weather doesn’t need you to hydrate too. The winter months mean the air is cold and that also means that the moisture that our bodies are absorbing lessens. You may not feel as thirsty in these colder temperatures so why do you need to drink so much water still? Hydrating your body with good filtered water is not something that is seasonal and the need to drink water exists all year round. There are several reasons that drinking water in the winter is just as important as drinking water in the summer.

AAA Water Team Lists Reasons You Need to Drink More Water This Winter

Sweating is Not the Only Sign You Are Hydrated: When you are sweating and hot outside the first thing you want is a cold glass of water. Sweating is a sign that your body is losing some of the moisture that it needs to work properly. That is why this is a sign that is easy to recognize as the need for water. When you are sweating you also tend to feel thirsty which is actually a sign that you are already dehydrated! It is best to drink water before the thirst has arrived. When you are in the colder winter months you may not sweat because of the cooler temperature but there are other warning signs that you are not hydrated. The winter dehydration signs will include chapped lips, dry cough, headaches and even nosebleeds. Your body needs moisture in the winter just as much as it does in the summer.
We Eat More in Winter: One of the best things about the winter are all the holidays that come with it! Holidays also mean that food is abundant. Eating too much food can be a problem when you are trying to watch your weight. The best thing you can do to help control your appetite and prevent excess weight gain is to drink water. It may seem easy enough to just drink water to control weight but it is a tried and true method. When you drink water before a large meal you are telling your stomach that you are not starving and you can eat less to feel full. It also helps your internal organs to process the food that you do eat so that it can be broken down with ease.
Ways to Drink More Water in Winter: You might want to go for hot drinks when you are feeling cold but you need to carve out times that you will also add water to your diet. If you drink a hot drink or alcoholic drink you should match it with the same amount of water. You can also increase your meals by adding water based soups.

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