Is a Whole Home Filtration System Worth it?

If you ask any health care or fitness professional they are all going to say the same thing; drink more water! The amount that each person should drink depends on activity and gender of each person individually. Some say as a general term that 8 glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away. There are many ways to get good cold drinking water but what is the best way for you.

Wasteful Water Bottles

If you are not interested in saving some money you can go with a fresh bottle of water each time you are thirsty or you can invest in water filtration. If the average family of 4 drinks water bottles alone they are spending up to $3,000 a year in water. If that same family decided to invest in a cooler and water delivery they can be spending around $600 a year. The other option and the most cost effective option is to have a water filtration system installed into your home. This eliminates the need for water bottles and no more big heavy bottles to store and move around. Here are some of the benefits that come when you invest in a water filtration system.

Known Water Quality

When you have a filtration system you know where your water is coming from and how its getting into your glass. You Also get can make sure that the filter is changed out regularly and is kept clean and well maintained. The water is not being packaged in a large plant processed with chemicals and sent to a store for purchase. The water is out of your very own faucet and filters to a crisp clean glass of water.

You Control the Amount of Water Per Serving

The amount of water that you get when you crack open a bottle of water is determined for you. You can drink what you want and waste the rest, or you can be left wanting more. When you have a filtration system you can fill your glass all the way or just a little. You also can use your filtered water for cooking which can make your meals even healthier and tastier.

Professionally Installed Water Filtration System

Investing in a water filtration system is a great way to eliminate all the water bottles and hassle of dragging them from the store to your house. You also won’t ever run out! Contact AAA Water Team today to talk about your water needs.

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