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Here at AAA Water Team we know all about water – hard water, soft water, tap water, filtered water, well water, and more. Sometimes we take for granted that not everyone has as much information about water to go off when they are making decisions every day. If you have a home that has well water for the first time there is likely plenty of terms that you are striving to learn about as quick as possible. Today we want to give you some basic information about wells.

What is a Water Well

First we will start by talking about what a well is. A well is a hole that is drilled into the ground that allows access to water. A pipe and a pump are used to help pull the water out of the ground. There are a few different types of wells. The size and shape of the well is determined by how much water will need to be pumped out of the well. Here in the United States there are over 42 million people that use individual or private wells to supply water for their families.

Types of Water Wells; Bored, Driven & Drilled

The first type of well that we will highlight is a bored well. Bored wells are dug in the ground with a shovel or a backhoe. They are then lined with stones, brick, tile, or other materials. Next up is a driven well. Driven wells are constructed by driving pipe into the ground. Driven wells draw water from aquifers that are near the surface. The last type of well we will discuss is a drilled well. Drilled wells are constructed by a percussion or rotary-drilling machine. Drilled wells can be thousands of feet deep.

How to Protect Water Wells from Problems

If your home uses a private water for its source of water there are some things you will want to do to properly maintain it. You will want to make sure that your well system is located at least 50 feet from a septic tank and 75 feet from a conventional septic system’s distribution lines. Having your septic system and your well mingle make for extremely dangerous water. You will also want to make sure that your well cap is at least 8 inches above the ground. The well cap needs to be tightly secured and properly screened to help protect your well from any environmental contaminants. Frequently surface water, vermin, fertilizers, herbicides, and pets can contaminate your water. You will also want to have your water tested every year. Many people mistakenly believe that they will know if their water is ever contaminated. This is absolutely not true! There are times when your water will look, taste, or smell different than normal. Other times you will not notice any difference in your water. If you drink contaminated water there are all sorts of different issues that could arise.

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To help keep your family safe, AAA Water Team can come out and perform a water test. We will test your water for water hardness levels, bacteria levels, presence of chemicals and minerals, and chlorine levels. We specialize in water purification and filtration systems. To schedule your appointment give us a call today!

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