Restaurants Install Commercial Drinking Water Filters to Remove Lead; Why a Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System Could Be the Answer for Your Home in Naples FL

With the recent media attention in Flint, Michigan and the controversy of high levels of lead being found in drinking water, more and more communities are questioning the safety of municipal water sources. More recently in Jackson, Mississippi problems with the water supply were disclosed and business owners in the community were notably concerned about how the impact of possibly contaminated water would affect their ability to run their business operations safely and successfully.

Commercial Restaurants Install Drinking Water Filters for Remove Lead

Restaurant owners in Jackson, Mississippi and other areas across the nation are taking a proactive stance to ensure they are providing a safe environment for patrons by installing water filtration systems, the primary function of which is to clean and purify the water ensuring it is safe for consumption. According to the City of Jackson, the finished drinking water that leaves the plant does not contain lead; however lead enters the water via the corrosion of materials that contain lead. What does this mean to you? Some homes, especially those built before 1988, may contain pipes that are either made from lead or contain lead soldering. Once water comes in contact and sits in service lines and plumbing that contain lead, it is possible that the lead will enter into the residential and commercial water supply.

Whole House Water Filtration System

Many cities are taking steps to try and minimize corrosion within the pipes including using chemicals to treat the water. While this does not mean that the treatments guarantee water free of lead, it will cut down on the effects of corrosion. The source of the controversy continues to swirl around the use of outdated piping materials.
According to the experts at AAA Water Team, a whole home filtration system will insure the quality of your water and keep you and your family safe. In addition to lead contaminates and particulates in residential water supplies, other materials present can include industrial waste products, pesticides and household cleaning products. Contact AAA Water Team to remove lead and other particulates from your water!

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a system that is used to remove harmful chemicals, trace elements and contaminants found in our residential water supply without adding any additional chemicals to purify the water. The secret to the success of a reverse osmosis system is a semi-permeable membrane that is designed to allow some molecules to pass through while keeping others out. In many areas the quality of the water supply has been compromised to the extent that a reverse osmosis system is needed for the entire home. An RO system consists of four parts, a pre-filter, a membrane, a storage tank and a post filter. The technology relies on water pressure to push the water through the membrane into a storage tank which allows pure drinking water to be available on demand. Water held in the storage tank during prolonged periods of time is further filtered through a post filter to ensure your water is pure, pleasant tasting and refreshing.

For more information regarding reverse osmosis and filtration systems that are designed to keep your water supply pure and safe, contact the professionals at AAA Water Team today in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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