How Do I Know if My Water Well Pump is Bad; Well System Repair Service Near Me in Cape Coral FL

Having access to water is a comfort that we often take for granted. We use it for cooking, cleaning, bathing and drinking; and we depend upon it for our very livelihood. Problems with well systems can be frustrating especially during the summer months with temperatures on the rise. If you are experiencing problems with your water well pump, contact a professional service such as the knowledgeable experts at AAA Water Team to complete your well pump repair in Fort Myers, Florida and the surrounding areas. Many minor well pump repairs can escalate to major repairs if not take care of quickly. Contact AAA Water Team as soon possible to save your sanity along with your wallet!

AAA Water Team lists the three most common problems that occur with water well pumps:

Your well pump is not pumping water – it’s safe to say that if your water well pump is not pumping water then something is wrong. Surprisingly many people either make the assumption that it’s either a problem that will fix itself in time or they attempt to repair the problem themselves which often leads to unnecessary damage along with costly repairs. If your pump is not pumping water there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure it’s not a quick fix.
o Check your electrical control box – If your electricity panel has tripped a circuit it may be causing your well pump to stop running. If the circuit to your pump has tripped, reset the breaker and check the pump to see if it has resumed operating.
o Check the area directly around the pump – Sometimes refuse that is surrounding the pump can cause it to stop working, especially if it is causing a blockage. Remove the items in question, turn the pump off, reset and turn it back on to see if that remedies the problem.
If you have completed both of these checks and your pump is still not working, contact the experts at AAA Water Team for assistance!

Your water expansion tank is losing pressure – One of the most common issues with water pumps is the expansion tank losing pressure. There are many reasons that this may be happening including
o Problems with your compressor
o Loose fittings or hoses
o Your water well pump is worn out
o A blockage in either the water tank or water lines
All of these issues are best left to the experts at AAA Water Team to ensure that you not only avoid any further damage but also to ensure your safety. Expansion tanks are complex pieces of equipment that require professional repairs by skilled technicians.

Your submersible well pump is aging – If your water well system composes a submersible well pump you will find it next to impossible to self-diagnose the problem. Submersible pump systems can malfunction for many reasons including age. There are many options available to you that are cost effective replacements to your old submersible well pump.

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If you are experiencing problems with your water well pump, contact the knowledgeable and skilled experts at AAA Water Team today, our technicians have the experience along with the resources to get your system operational and running at optimal performance levels to ensure you have access to fresh clean water. Ask about our water treatment systems to ensure that your family has water that is not only clean, but also free of harmful microorganisms and other contaminants.

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