Why You Should Invest in Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Your Fort Myers FL Home

Your drinking water is what sustains life. It is responsible for keeping you hydrated and healthy. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which choices are more optimal. Having a whole home water filtration system installed in your home is one of many alternatives. But maybe you want to know if it is truly worth the investment.

AAA Water Team would like to expound on why installing a water filtration investment is a wise decision.

1. Tap water is not pure. There are efforts being made to keep the municipal water supply throughout the country clean, but unfortunately the efforts are not enough, and in a nut shell, the drinking tap water is filthy. As the water travels through miles upon miles of pipelines, it is carrying with it the contaminants, industrial waste run-offs and pesticides.
2. Water can be harmful to drink or bathe in, or even do laundry or dishes in. Tap water is treated with chemicals; chlorine especially. Chlorine is added to help disinfect the waters contaminants, but that isn’t all it does, it comes with some harmful side effects.
3. Bottled watered isn’t as safe as you think. FDA regulations are not as stringent for bottled drinking water. There are more contaminants than what you might suppose. The plastic used for the bottled drinking water is bad on the environment, and among billion tonnes of refuse, plastic water bottles most likely end up polluting the oceans.
4. Benefits of water filtration systems are many. Having a professional install a filtration system in your is cost effective, taste is superior, it is much safer to drink, bathe in and use for cleaning dishes and laundry, and is more convenient than anything else.
Cost Effective: Buying bottled may seem reasonably priced, but broken down, the cost is marked up more than you know. When investing in a water filtration system you do pay a sum upfront, but that cost is a onetime fee and you save that and more than purchasing bottled water.
Quality Taste: Tap water riddled with chemical treatments is unpleasant, which is why so many opt for bottled water. Your water filter system removes the undesirable chemicals and contaminants, leaving the natural water behind. Natural water has premium taste you are bound to notice if you have become accustomed to tap water.
Safety: Removing the chemical treatments removes the harmful side effects. Bathing in filtered water improves hair luster and skin from over drying. Cleaning also isn’t has rough on your dishes and laundry, or surface areas.
Convenience: After a filter system has been installed, getting filtered water is as easy as turning on the faucet. Instead of running to the store when you are out of bottled water, you will have the filtered water at your finger tips.

Whole House Water Purification & Filtration Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres, Florida

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