Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Sanibel, FL; RO Membrane, Sediment & Carbon Filter

If you are looking for an option to have installed in your home to create better drinking water then a reverse osmosis system is a great choice. Some people choose to constantly buy water bottles or pay a monthly service. The facts are that you are just paying someone else to use some sort of filtering process for you. The water that you get in a bottle is the same that you would get if you have a home reverse osmosis system. In fact, a reverse osmosis system may provide even better quality water. The downfall is that you are actively participating in the plastic problem on the earth. The amount of plastic that a person uses is extreme and it is best to find ways to reduce that. One way to do that is to avoid buying bottled water. The reverse osmosis system is a way to do that and you can use bottles that are reusable. When you choose to have reverse osmosis you want to make sure that it is maintained and cared for. If it is not, the quality of water that you get will get worse overtime. The filters on a reverse osmosis are a big deal and should be kept on a maintenance program. AAA Water Team outlines what the filters do for your reverse osmosis system.

Do I Need a Sediment Filter?

One of the first lines of cleaning when you have a reverse osmosis system is the sediment filter. The water will pass through this filter and it can remove the sediment and dirt that is often found in the water that your city or county is providing. It is important to not allow this filter to be clogged so that the dirt and sediment is not allowed to get to the next layer of filters. When it is clogged you will notice the water coming out weakly and it will not taste as good as it did before. You want to make sure that this filter is changed when needed and at minimum once a year.

Carbon Filter Working Principle

The carbon filter usually comes in after the sediment filter. The carbon filter is used to remove the chlorine that is found in water. There is a level of chlorine that is acceptable to officials. The problem is that the chlorine can create a taste and odor that is not appetizing. That is why it is important to have it removed before it hits your glass. This is the layer of filtering that helps with the taste of your water the most.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

The RO membrane is the last layer of filtering that exists in most systems. It is a semi-permeable membrane that will allow the water to get through while making sure that the other contaminants that made it through the rest of the filters. You want to make sure that all the filters are changed out and replaced when needed.

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