Some Health Facts About Drinking Water & Other Trivia; Benefits for Body, Skin, Muscles, Mind & to Lose Weight!

Water is all around us. It’s a greater portion of the earth. It’s a part of us and the air. Water is really a big part of everyday life. We at AAA Water Team offer many services to enhance the great qualities of water. Offering sales, service, repairs and maintenance in Water Systems, Water Softening Systems, Water Purification Systems, Water Filtration Systems, Water Treatments, Water Pumps, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Well Water Systems. We know water!

AAA Water Team would like share some interesting facts concerning water

1. Glaciers are trapping 68.7% of earth’s fresh water.
2. A mere 30% of fresh water is found underground.
3. The United States uses 400 billions of gallons a day.
4. It takes 20 gallons of water to create one pint of beer.
5. Cumbers and jellyfish are made of 95% water.
6. The human brain is 70% water.
7. A person can survive without eating for up to a month, but about a week is all a person can take without water.
8. When water freezes, it expands 9%.
9. Experts believe that the amount of water the Earth holds now, is the same as it was millions of years prior.
10. In an average day, Americans combined use 5.7 billion gallons of water flushing toilets.

Reasons to Drink Water; Benefits for Skin, Health & to Lose Weight:

– Drinking water maintains the balance of bodily fluids. Among many other things, water contributes to the body fluids maintaining digestion, absorption, circulation, manufacturing saliva, circulating nutrients and regulating body temperature.
– It is recommended by medical professionals that you always act upon the desire for a drink when it hits. The brain signals your craving so to speak, when the body is need of replacing water. Unless you are on medication that makes you feel thirsty constantly, submit to the craving. Drinking beverages will help replenish the water. Avoid alcohol, however, as this will dehydrate the body further.
– Water is a contributing factor in losing and maintaining weight. Water doesn’t have magical properties that will make you lose weight. What it does possess, or rather lack thereof, is calories. Water is calorie free, so replacing other drinks that are loaded with it is a great way to trim down. Water also helps maintain a certain degree of fullness, thus you are less likely to snack, when water is what you need at the moment.
– Water is a great resource to energizing the muscles. When cells are not being balanced through the consumption of water, the fluids and electrolytes will deplete, causing muscle fatigue. When exercising, it is more prudent to drink water than sports drinks.
– Drinking enough water improves you skin’s overall condition. Where water won’t erase the fine lines and wrinkles, it can prevent the skin from looking dried. When the skin isn’t moistened, those fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced. Keep using your moisturizers though, that helps keep a barrier in place that helps trap moisture.

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We at AAA Water Team hopes that was a fun look into water facts. For any services you are in need of, call us today to schedule your next appointment!

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