Ways To Increase Your Daily Drinking Water Intake in Fort Myers FL; Keep Water Cold, Add Flavor & Drink Clean Pure, Filtered Water!

Almost anyone that you ask concerning ways to stay healthy will say to drink water and to stay hydrated. Most people want to drink a delicious tasting filtered water and some choose their drinking water based on the stylish container that it comes in. Whatever the reason for your choice AAA Water Team encourages everyone to stay hydrated and use a good filtered drinking system to get their water. Drinking more water is a great way, not only to hydrate, but also to stay healthy and give your internal organs the best chance to work right. In turn this helps your body function much better throughout the day!

AAA Water Team has a list of ways that you can increase the amount of water that you drink each day.

Keep Water Cold: If you want to truly enjoy the refreshing taste and experience of water, it’s a great idea to freeze a bottle or at least drop a few ice cubes to get it to a desirable temperature. The colder the water the more appealing it is visually and the better it can taste when trying to quench your thirst.
Add Flavor to Water: One of the biggest hypes right now when it comes to drinking water is to add a dash of flavor to it. The best way to hydrate is to use fresh clean water that has no additives but if you like to add little flavor to keep it interesting you can. There are many kinds of liquid and powder flavors packs that you can add to give the water a little taste. Another way to change up the flavor of the water is to add a few pieces of cut up fruit. Either way you are still getting mostly water; and that will benefit you!
Start Meals With Water: This is a great technique that many weight loss councilors will use to help encourage better eating and greater weight loss. When you need to have a drink or feel thirsty, start with a glass of nice cold water. Also if you are about to eat a meal you should start with a glass of water. It will help you digest your food but can stop you from overeating as well. Make is a habit and it will start to feel more natural and you will want to continue to do it.
Use a Reusable Water Container: This may seem silly but people are more willing to drink water when they purchase a bottle that they like and enjoy using. There are a huge variety of bottles to choose from so finding one that you love should be easy enough. If you love the container it is more likely that you will pull it out and fill it up.

AAA Water Team offers whole home filtration systems that can help getting you to drink more water to stay healthy and hydrated in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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