Water Boil Advisory Guidelines in North Naples, FL; Water Purification Rules During an Order

Water quality authorities will issue a boil-water advisory when there is system failure shown by pressure loss or when the possibility of pathogen contamination occurs. Keep in mind that there is a possibility of a pathogen intrusion through a leak though if there is a loss of pressure, it does not mean the water source is necessarily contaminated. When you hear a boil water advisory, it should always be taken seriously because consumption of contaminated water could lead to illness. Those with compromised immune systems, young children, infants, and the elderly are at higher risk. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to take an opportunity to discuss a water boil advisory.

Boiled Water Rules During a Boil Order

Boiled water should be used for food preparations, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, and drinking during a boil water advisory. To kill any pathogen and virus contamination, bring water to a rolling boil and let continue for one minute. For later use, store the water in a clean, sealable container. You can kill bacteria by mixing 1/8 tsp common unscented bleach into one gallon of water in the event there is not a way to boil the water. Allow the bleach to site in the water for 30 minutes before drinking or using it to cook with. This disinfected water should also be stored in a clean, sealable container. Storage containers can be made sanitized using a solution of 1 tsp bleach and 1 quart water. Mix the solution inside the contained and shake it vigorously after sealing; let it sit for 30 minutes. Pour out the solution and let the container air dry before storing the water to ensure it is properly sanitized.

Boil Water Advisory Guidelines

Drinking, Cooking & Food Prep: From the day of the advisory, throw out any beverages or ice made with tap water as well as any uncooked food. During the advisory, do not wash ready-to-eat items with tap water, such as fruits and veggies. Use only disinfected, freshly boiled and cooled, or bottled water in the event food must be washed. Only use bottled water or water from a safe source to make infant’s formula. Use disinfected water to hand wash any dishes. Do not use the dishwashers; their temperatures do not get hot enough to kill bacteria during an advisory. Both people and pets should only drink bottled or the disinfected water from boil water advisory.
Bathing and Laundering: It is acceptable to do laundry with the tap water as long as the clothes are completely dried before they are worn, unless a “do not use” notification has also been used in the advisory. Keep in mind however, fabrics, particularly whites, can potentially colors due to contaminated water. As long as the water does not enter the body, and it is not stated otherwise, adults and children can take quick showers. Small children and babies should use the boiled water or bottled due to the lower immunity.
Flushing Water Needs: Normal water usage can be resumed when a boil water advisory is lifted. Run all faucets one at a time until the water is clear, if cloudy water is experienced. Make three batches of ice and discard them to flush ice makers. By the fourth batch, it should be safe to consume. Water softeners can be run through a regeneration cycle depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines and refrigerator filters.

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