Water Oral Health Benefits in Naples FL; Soda & Sugary Drinks Are Bad for Your Teeth But Drinking & Rinsing With Water is Good!

Who doesn’t long for a cold can of thirst quenching soda on a hot summer day? While it is no secret that soda consumption puts us at an increased risk for tooth decay and other complications such as diabetes and obesity, reaching for that can of soda can be very hard to resist. Market research indicates that milk and water intake has decreased while soda and 100% juice intakes have increased dramatically. In fact, soda has become a daily habit for kids, teens and young adults, and it’s not just soda. Stop and think about the wide variety of energy drinks readily available on the market and consumed at an ever increasing rate? According to dental professionals, studies indicate that a steady consumption of soft drinks, juices, sports drinks and energy drinks is one of the leading causes of tooth decay in the United States.

The study concluded that daily dietary guidelines, particularly for children should include:

• Eating or drinking two or more servings of dairy foods
• Limiting the intake of 100% fruit juice to four to six ounces
• Restricting soda and other forms of sugary beverages for occasional use

Soda & Sugary Drinks Are Bad For Your Teeth

Did you know that sipping soda throughout the day can put you at risk of tooth decay? The sugar that is found in soda combines with bacteria that are naturally occurring in your mouth to form an acid which damages your teeth. Even sugar free and diet soda contain acids which can cause decay. A single sip of soda can begin a cycle of damage that lasts for 20 minutes and restarts with every sip of soda that you take! This ongoing and continuous damage weakens tooth enamel especially in children because the enamel of their teeth is not completely developed. You can avoid tooth decay by limiting the amount of soft drinks and other carbonated beverages and sugary drinks you consume. Along with limiting sugary drinks, you can brush and floss twice a day and visit you dentist for regular exams and x-rays to further reduce the risk of tooth decay and maintain or improve your overall oral health.

Drinking & Rinsing With Water is Good for Your Teeth & Health!

The knowledgeable experts at AAA Water Team recommend staying hydrated the right way by reaching for a cool glass of water instead of sugary drinks. Many soft drinks contain both sugar and caffeine which can speed up the process of dehydration. Sports drinks may help keep you hydrated, but the sugar can cause cavities along with damaging the teeth enamel which can lead to tooth decay. Studies indicate that a lack of water is the number one reason for daytime fatigue. Next time you feel tired and sluggish in the middle of the day, the experts at AAA Water Team recommend forgoing the caffeinated and sugary beverages and drinking filtered water instead. Not only is filtered water good for you, it won’t damage your teeth the way that soda and other sugary drinks can. Water actually acts as a sort of brushing in between brushings as it rinses away food particles and residue on your teeth and gums.

Other Tips for Good Oral Health Include:

• Chewing sugarless gum
• Visiting your dentist regularly
• Brushing with toothpaste that contains fluoride and flossing daily
• Reading food/beverage labels and paying particular attention to the sugar content.

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