Water Quality Analysis Report of Bottled VS Whole Home Filtration Systems in Fort Myers, FL; Understanding Your Drinking Water

There is a lot of controversy about drinking water in America. There are areas that the water that is being provided to the citizens is not safe to drink and can in fact make you sick! Although this is not true in many cities and towns, there is still a lot in the tap water system that makes people think twice about drinking it and even using it to cook with. There are several options available for people that want to stay away from regular tap water but some of them come with their own controversies.

AAA Water Team Lists Some Options for Drinking Water & What You Need to Know About the Choice You are Making

Bottled Water: This is an option that is used by many people and is a very convenient way to grab a drink and go! The water comes in lots of forms and many different methods. You can get filtered water, purified water, spring water and much more. The bottles of water are out in abundance and you can get any shape and size imaginable. The problem with using bottled water as your option is that you are now part of the landfill problem. The plastic bottles are so accessible that no one thinks twice about grabbing one or more on a daily basis. The bottles, because they are plastic will not biodegrade but will sit in the landfills slowly filling them more and more. Now more people are aware that they might be causing a negative impact to the earth and want to make a more environmentally responsible decision about what they are doing. Plastic bottles of water are on their way out and a better option is gaining more steam!
Filtered Water Systems: This is a great way to get the delicious and tasty water that you want to drink and enjoy. A whole home water filtration system gives you fresh clean drinking water available for you any time of the day or night. It will also encourage you to purchase re-usable drinking bottles that you can refill with your new filtered water. The types of reusable bottles that you can now purchase are extensive. There are all sorts of colors, styles and looks that are great for anyone. You can get a bottle that keeps your water cold and one that you can attach to a bicycle. If you want to be part of the solution you want to be sure that you have a water system that allows you to lessen the amount of plastic bottles that you are using.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida.

If you are interested in having a whole home water filtration system installed in your home you want to contact a company that can do the installation and give you tips. The new installation can be used to drink and also cook with!

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