Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures & Energy Efficient Appliances in Lehigh Acres, FL

Water is a precious resource we cannot live without. With many different industries stepping up to reduce the overall water consumption, we can all do our part to conserve water month to month. Many of the appliances we depend on that uses an excessive amount of water that is ultimately wasted. But, thankfully, many of these appliances have been modernized to fit our lifestyles and use less water. Not only will switching to these appliances help in the effort of reducing daily use of water it will also minimize your water bill.

Water Saving & Energy Efficient Appliances

We at AAA Water Team have compiled some water saving appliances that can significantly contribute to saving water usage.
1) Advanced Dishwashers. The basic dishwashers use more than 6 gallons of water with every cycle they run. Especially where large families are concerned, the water use for your dishwasher alone can rapidly add up. Energy Star has a few models available that reduces the water use to a mere 2.4 gallons a cycle; conserving more than half the water typically used. Not only do these dishwashers save water, but energy as well making them a smart investment.
2) High-Efficiency Washing Machines: In some models, the washing machine used as much as 45 gallons of water per load, and the average washing machine doesn’t use much less. Offering models in both top-loading and front-loading styles, the newly efficient water machines use only about 15 gallons of water per load. Not only do these appliances include water reduction, but it takes less time to wash a load, reducing energy costs.
3) Low-Flow Toilets. After reviewing Consumer Reports latest research, average households simply flushing a toilet contributes to 19% of the water usage. Plumbing technology and greener alternatives have produced toilets far more superior than older models that use as little as 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Many of these models also increase the power behind the flush so you do not have to make any unneeded sacrifices.
4) Shower Filters. There are many shower heads on the market that are equipped with dual-head systems in an effort to save hundreds of gallons a month. Not only are they ideal to save water, but these filters are designed to significantly reduce the chemical content in your water as well as chloramines and chlorine. Perks include saving water, reducing water bills, improving your skin and making your hair vibrant and soft. These shower heads can offer a pressure mode to offer a typically standard shower experience and a conservation mode.
5) Whole House Water Filters. Whole house water filters are designed to conserve as much water as possible. To generate little to no wasted water, the whole house water filter is the perfect addition to any family that is water-conscious. Low maintenance and eco-friendly make these filters ideal and they also improve fresher, cleaner water right from the tap.

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With so many other options to keep the water use under control, we can all do our part to save water without having to decide what to sacrifice in the effort. Contact AAA Water Team to learn more about our improved water systems and how you can save water!

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