Uses of Filtered Water in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL; Drinking, Coffee, Cooking & More

Have you ever noticed that many people have a faucet on their kitchen sink for everyday use and a small one for drinking? Have you ever wondered why that is? The faucet that is secondary and used for drinking only is often times connected to some kind of filtered system. The water that you get from your county or city water usually is drinkable but most people don’t use it for that purpose. They want it filtered further and that is why a filtered system is a great idea. The only problem is that the filtered water is only used for drinking and all other uses of water you use the tap. The water from the city or county supply is used for cooking, cleaning, feeding pets and more. The filtered water that is used for drinking has many more uses and that is why a whole home water filtration system is the right answer.

AAA Water Team Lists Other Uses For Your Filtered Water & Why It Is A Great Idea To Use It

Water Filter for Coffee: Do you make coffee at home and quickly realize that it just does not taste as good as it does at your local coffee shop. One of the reasons that it can be so is the ingredients that you are using. If you are using tap water that you don’t want to drink, then why would you use it for making your morning coffee. The contaminants that are found in your tap water may interact with the coffee and make it taste off. Although your coffee machine has some filtering system, it is not enough to cleanse the water for your coffee. You can use your filtered water to make your coffee and increase the taste of your home coffee as well.
Cooking With Filtered Water: When you are cooking food you want to be sure that you use your filtered water. If you are using the tap water for cooking you are adding sediment and other contaminants to your food as well. If you want to have your food tasting the best you want to use your same great tasting filtered water.
Wash Your Fruit & Vegetables With Filtered Water: When you buy your vegetables you know that when they get home you need to wash them off. This is to remove the debris that might be on the vegetables as well as any chemicals that were sprayed on in the process. Washing the vegetables that you are wanting to eat either raw or cooked should be washed with good filtered water and stored fresh. This is the best way to treat and clean your vegetables and remove the bad tasting additives.
Give Your Dog, Cat & Other Pets Filtered Water: Why should your pets be getting the water that even you won’t drink. The tap water is not used for your drinking because it does not taste good and the water has added contaminants as well. You want the best for your pet so be sure to use your filtered water to fill up their water bowl each day.

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