Ozonated Water? Effects of Ozone Generator Water Purification in Cape Coral, FL

There are many who are surprised to learn the effects of water in the human body. Some effects can be negative if the water isn’t clean or treated properly. However clear water has many positives effects, and not just keeping the body hydrated. AAA Water Team would like to share the many positive effects of treated Ozone Purified water and why more and more people are having an Ozone Generator Purification system installed in their home.

How Ozone Water Purifiers Work

First AAA Water Team will briefly share how Ozone Purification works. The primary purpose of Ozone Purification is to remove bacteria and other biological particles out of your home’s water. To start the purification process, oxone is added to the water tank. Oxone is both odorless and tasteless. With the oxone in the water tank, the bacteria as well as iron, manganese, and sulfur, if present, will begin to oxide. The treated water is passed through a filter capturing all of the broken down particles providing clear drinking water to the home.

Effects of Ozonated Water

1. One of the surprising effects of ozone treated water is the stimulation of white blood cells. White blood cells help to protect the body from bacteria and viruses, as well as fungi and cancer. Ozone treated water provides the needed oxygen to the white blood cells. Often if the body is deprived of oxygen, the blood cells fail to eliminate any foreign invaders which are the leading reason why many people suffer from allergic reaction.
2. Another affect of ozone treated water on the human body is that the interferon levels in the body are greatly increased. By increasing the interferon, the body’s immune system is better equipped to inhibit viral replication. One example of increased interferon levels is the body’s ability to ward off tumor growth.
3. As stated earlier, ozone treatment kills fungi that can trigger physical fungal growth in the human body. Some know fungi such as athlete’s foot and candida albican. Ozone treated water also prevents molds, mildew, and yeast in the home, plumbing as well as stopping mushrooms from growing in planters.
4. Ozone treated water is known to fight viruses. There are several ways ozone water fights against viruses, but the most direct reason is because while the water is being treated the ozone will attack viral particles, thereby preventing these viruses from every entering the body.
5. Ozone treated water also is known to help prevent or fight cancer. Some ask how this is done. Ozone water is an internal antineoplastic which means the ozone water provides the body the ability to slow down or stop rapid tissue growth of dividing cells which is where cancer cells first begin.
6. For those prone to plaque build up in the blood stream, Ozone water provides oxygen to break down both types of plaque; the Arteriosclerosis and the Arthrosclerosis. For those who may be experiencing plaque in the veins which could lead to life threatening outcomes ozone water is known to help break down the plaque as it develops.
7. Some of the other effects of ozonated water that benefits the human body is that it clears away blockage of both small and large vessels which help oxygenation of some of the body’s major organs. Ozone water also increases the red blood cells flexibility as well as elasticity.

Pure, Ozone Purified, Filtered Water Systems in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

There are a few other health benefits from drinking ozonated treated water. For those seeking better health with the benefit of Ozone Purification in their home, AAA Water Team can help bring it to your home. If you want an Ozone Purification system installed in your home contact AAA Water Team today.

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