Commercial Water Filtration & Purification Systems for Businesses in Fort Myers, FL

Providing your office with pure drinking water that is cool and refreshing as well as is easily accessible is highly beneficial in a number of ways. The quality of water you offer guests and employees speak volumes about your attention to detail. With options to achieve better tasting water, drinking from the tap hardly seems fitting. Potable water is qualified as water that flows through indoor taps that has passed minimum health regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Chemicals & Contaminants in Tap Water

Serious illness could be the result of contaminants such as lead and bacteria that is found in tap water tested under safety regulations. The public or private water treatment facility’s purpose is to make potable water safer to drink and make it good tasting. If the water leaves the treatment facility, it is susceptible to impurities and additional additives within the facility. To help protect your teeth and to keep the water free of harmful germs in the tap water, most municipalities add chemicals that include chlorine, chloramines, and/or fluoride to the water. Additionally, tap water can easily contain sediment, silt, and the other minerals that build up inside the water mains and plumbing network. If the water main breaks or is in need of repairs, or even has a replacement, the sediments, silt, and other microorganisms can enter the system. If you can trust your water to be safe, ensuring the water tastes refreshing is also a concern that is not always available in the tap. Staff, colleagues, and clients reap the benefits of better quality and better tasting water by simply investing in filtered water systems.

Filtered Water VS Bottled Water

Investing in a water filtration system as opposed to providing water bottles to deliver cool fresh water to the office is a wise choice. Bottled water may not be as sanitary as you presumed. Over time the water bottles get overrun with bacteria along with other health risks; and they need to be changed often. Leaving opportunity for additional contamination when these bottles are not cleaned regularly. Having bottles of water is a health risk that is easily avoided.

Advantages of Whole Home Water Filters

Opting for water filtration instead of bottled water not only avoids potential health risks, it also impacts the environmental by using more eco-friendly methods of providing fresh and pure drinking water; which reduces your footprint. It is also more cost effective; eliminating the cost of transporting, disposals, and storing. In a nut shell, the following benefits from installing a water filtration system as opposed to water bottles include:
1) Not worrying about water bottles means you don’t have to schedule delivery and being interrupted or sending anyone out for refills; nor do you have to worry about being without water if scheduling is interfered with.
2) Water filters are more cost effective to offer more overhead.
3) Water filtration systems reduce the risk of contamination from airborne microorganisms that accumulate in the bottleneck area that is handled during changes.
4) Water filtration is low maintenance and very convenient.

Purified, Whole Home Filtration Water Systems in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

When your commercial office needs a dependable water filtration system that delivers quality water with fresh tasting and purified attributes, contact the experts of AAA Water Team and let us find the most optimal solution for your needs!

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