My Water Smells Bad & Musty Like Rotten Eggs, Sulfur or Sewage in Lehigh Acres, FL

Discovering abnormal, pungent water is never a good sign, particularly when it is being dispensed in your home. Smelling odors indicates there is an underlining issue and it must be addressed. We at AAA Water Team would like to discuss as to why you smell a few of the odors commonly present in your water.

How to Fix Well Water that Smells Like Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

Caused by levels of sulfur content, the smell of rotten eggs in your water is an indication that there is some overgrowth of bacteria in the line. When the sulfur levels are elevated it is important to find the source. Check the water heater, drain pipes, and water source; below you will find what to look for.
Drain Pipes: Built up in your drain pipes, the food, hair, and grease over time, among other debris, contributes to the growth of bacteria that emits foul odors. If the hot and cold water sources do not reek, the odor could be drain pipes, which will require a professional to clean, flush, and disinfect the drains.
Water Heater: To determine if the sulfurous smell is coming from one specific glass of water, pour a glass of hot and cold water. The odors are probably coming from the water heater if your hot water stinks but your cold water is fine. Bacteria can grow on the heating rod and cause the sulfuric smell if the temperature of your heater is not hot enough; common occurrence in older water heaters that have magnesium rods. A seasoned plumber can easily replace the magnesium rod with an aluminum one.
Water Source: The water source may be the issue if the above issues show clear. A professional water softener contractor can help you purify your system if you use well water as well as any sulfur smell buildup.

Tap & Shower Water Smells Like Bleach

If your home is connected to the public water system, chances are you noticed a chlorine type odor from your drinking water. To kill the harmful bacteria in the water, the waterworks purify it commonly with chlorine. Leaving the water out for a few minutes will allow time for the smell to dissipate. File a report with your public water administration if the bleach smell is especially strong and doesn’t diminish.
Well Water: Groundwater may be treated with chlorine shock by the company in an effort to destroy the bacteria around the well. If the smell is too strong, the provider may need to pump out the water to dissipate the chlorine.
Sewer System: If a sewer system was installed too close to the water source, many odors may be produced and a call to the local health department will need to be placed for advisement.
Fishy Odors: Common odor well water manifests is a musty, fish-like odor. Bacteria buildup is often the cause. The water will need to be treated, often with chlorine and drained and until the chlorine odor finally diminishes.

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If you are having problems with odors in your drinking water, contact AAA Water Team and let our experts find the reason to the problem and present solutions to enhance your water.

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