Water Softener Tank Smells Musty, Moldy or Like Rotten Eggs in Lehigh Acres, FL; Maintenance & Water Filtration System Solutions

A water softener is a great addition to any home and has many benefits. One of the main ways that it can benefit a home is that it reduces the amount of hard water spots. These are the spots that are on dishes and shower walls that can be a real pain to remove. A soft water system treats the water that is coming into the house with rock salt and leaves the water with a much smoother texture. A secondary benefit is the way that it feels on a person. When you take a shower with a soft water system your skin will be less dried out and will be easier to rinse the soap off. Water softeners need to be installed properly as well as maintained to keep them running properly. There are some complaints that water softeners can start to smell and emit an odor.

AAA Water Team Explains Why Your Water Softener Might Start To Smell Musty or Moldy & What to Do About it

Why Does My Water Softener Smell Musty?: There are some complaints that homeowners have when it comes to their water softener. The system can start to emit a smell that is foul and you may not know what is going on. The first problem can be due to the actual water softener itself. The main reason that a water softener smells bad is when the tank gets infested with sulfur bacteria. The salt or sodium in the tank will actually attract the sulfur and allow it to attach and grow. When the water softener starts to suffer from this is can start to release a sulfide gas that gives off the telltale sign of rotten eggs. The smell can come from the system and smell terrible. If this is the reason behind your water softener smells you need to have it serviced right away.
Why Does The Water Still Smell Bad After Servicing: Now that you have had your water softener system serviced, the smell should go away. The odors should not exist and if it does, there are some reasons behind that. The problem is most likely coming from your water source and not the water softener. The water that is coming into the house can be high in iron or hydrogen sulfide that can cause an odor when you run the water. The best way to have this dealt with is to have an additional filtration system installed. The water that is coming from your city or county is an acceptable level for them but might not be for you. A filtration system can be installed in your home and treats all the water before you use it. The filtration system is a great way to get rid of the sediment and other chemicals that might be in your drinking water. The system will need to be serviced and treated regularly to keep the filter in good shape.

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