What Do People Use Water For & How Do We Take it For Granted in Naples, FL? Drinking, Washing, Swimming & More

When it comes to people in the United States, many times they walk into a bathroom or kitchen, flip on a faucet and out comes water. It can even be heated before it gets to you so most of us are taking water for granted. When you look at the ability to have water in the world, America is one of the richest in water sources and ability to bottle water. When you look at other places around the world there is almost no access to water that is drinkable. For all those that like to see it in terms of numbers there are about six billion people on the earth. Of that group of people, it is estimated that around one billion have no access to usable water. That is one billion people that don’t have a drink of water while we are filling up swimming pools, bathtubs and drinking as much water as we want. Water is a necessary part of life but it is our duty to do what we can to preserve water and use it wisely. That is why not buying water from bottling companies can help. It is best to have a system in your home installed to allow filtered water any time you need to use it!

AAA Water Team Lists the Most Common Ways That Water is Being Wasted in Naples, FL

Dishwasher or Washing Dishes: Many people think that it is a waste to run the dishwasher, but dishwashers depending on the efficiency can use about 20 gallons of water when it is ran. Now if you look at the amount of water that is used when you hand wash you may be surprised to know that you can use double that because the water is typically running the entire time you are cleaning.
Car Washes Versus Washing Your Car At Home: Right off the bat most people assume that washing their car at home with their own hose would use less water. The problem is that the water from the hose that you will use commonly, uses about 80 gallons of water. That is a lot of water just to have a clean car. When you go to a car wash their job is to wash cars and save as much money as possible. That is why they have complicated systems that release much smaller amounts of water to clean a car and they use about 30 gallons of water per car.
Your Swimming Pool: On a hot summer day nothing is better than a nice clear pool to jump into. The pool is a place to cool off and have some fun. If you get too rowdy and too much splashing occurs at your swimming party you could be losing lots of water. Another problem with pool water is that the water will also evaporate over time and could potentially lose 1000 gallons of water each month. Make sure your pool is covered to keep water from evaporating as well as control the amount of splashing.

Water Filtration in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee & Collier Counties Florida

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