Where Does the Water That We Drink Come From in Cape Coral, FL & What Treatment Process Does it Undergo?

Water does not magically appear in your homes kitchen sink. It also does not enter a plastic bottle and on a shelf without a lot of work and logistics. When you use water you are using a source that is renewable when it comes to the definition. That is because water can technically be used again and again and the way that water basins are filled come naturally. Just because water is a renewable resource does not mean that it is never going to be a problem with acquiring it. There are already places in the United States that have to outsource its water from other places because they don’t have enough in the area. This can lead to some issues with neighboring states that have to now share their resource. The water that you are using in your home will come from the earth in the form of rivers, lakes and reservoirs as well as surface water that comes from melting snow and rain fall. These are all reasons that water is a renewable resource but the amount of water that is used cannot always be kept up with.

Drinking Water Treatment Process & Where Drinking Water Comes From

Water Treatment Methods: If you are choosing to use the water that is provided by the city or county that you live in, the water is treated before you are using it. As the water is collected from the earth it will be full of particles, sediment and chemicals that are not recommended for human consumption. That means that before you use water it must be treated first. Depending on the area that you live in, the city or county will have levels of acceptable particles that can be sent into your home. They are most likely going to use a process that will start with Coagulation and flocculation which is the best way to get the suspended particles out of your collected ground water. Another process can be used is positively charged chemicals that will work to destroy the dirt that is usually near the bottom of the water because of the weight of the sediment. The water that is on the top surface will be cleaner and most likely be sent through some kind of filtering system. The last step will usually include introducing a chemical such as chlorine to the water source to help kill any remaining bacteria. You can also live somewhere that adds other chemicals such as fluoride that you may not want to have in your drinking water. Although this whole treatment process does make the water “drinkable” most people are not happy with the level of cleanliness of their water and want another option.

Water Filtration & Purification

One choice is to buy prepackaged water bottles but you still cannot be sure that the system that is being used to bottle the water is any good. You also are part of the landfill problem when you use disposable water bottles. The best option is to use a home water filtration system that can be installed in your own home.

Water Filtration Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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