How Can Water Be Polluted After Extreme Weather in Fort Myers, FL Such as Hurricane Matthew?

When an area experiences the high winds and heavy rain that only a hurricane can bring, there are several damages left as the storm settles. Houses are decimated, people lose loved ones, flooding and uprooted trees all over the roads and on top of houses are just some of the effects of a hurricane. One thing that may get overlooked when faced with the overwhelming destruction is the quality of drinking water. AAA Water Team is here to help you understand the effects a hurricane can have on your water supply.

How Do Hurricanes Affect Water?

Recently, Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on the U.S. East Coast. Rivers are much higher than they normally are, and water supplies are affected by the aftermath of the storm. When an area receives that much rainfall, it can quickly turn into a huge problem with water supplies. When storm water gets into a city’s water supply, it can bring with it waterborne illnesses and contaminates, making it unsafe to drink. When these times of crisis hit, water plants may not be fully functioning as they normally would which only makes matters worse.

Flushing Water Lines to Remove Sediment from Pipes

When a hurricane hits, it can often cause contaminates and debris, even chemicals, to get into the water lines that go directly into homes in the area. The solution to the problem is often a purging of water lines to reduce the problem. It doesn’t always eliminate the problem altogether, but is a step in the right direction.

Contaminated Well Water

If you get your water from a private well, you should also be concerned about your drinking water being contaminated. Well owners should be aware that when sewage systems are overwhelmed with water, bacteria growth occurs, contaminating water. Well water systems are usually interconnected to other wells around them and so if you have a neighbor that has contaminated water, it can affect you too.

Follow Local Bail Water Advisory Notices

If your local water authority has issued a Boil Water Advisory because the water has been contaminated, it is important that you follow these guidelines. The health risk of drinking unsafe water is real. You should boil your water until you get an “all clear” from your local water authority and the plumbing has been disinfected.

Shock Your Water Equipment with Chlorine Bleach

If your local water authority gives you a green light to use the water, before drinking it you should sanitize all water-using equipment. This can be done with chlorine bleach and water. All of your filters and membranes should be replaced with new and unused filters or membrane cartridges before using your filtration system.

Water Filtration Systems in Golden Gate, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you live in an area that was affected by Hurricane Matthew, it is important to follow any post-emergency recommendations. You may notice that you need to change your filters sooner than normal after your area has been hit by a hurricane. AAA Water Team can answer any questions you may have regarding your water filtration system and how it may be affected by natural disasters. Call us today!

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