Problems with Your Well Water Supply in Fort Myers, FL? It Could Be Ants in the Well Pressure Switch, Pipes & Casing!

If you are a homeowner, you have more than likely dealt with ants in one way or another. They are very little and seem to find their way into homes all the time in search of food and water. They need these two things in order to survive and will travel fairly long distances to find them considering their size. If you get your water supply from a well and all of a sudden are having issues with water pressure or no water at all, did you think that it could possibly be ants? AAA Water Team is here to talk about how ants can affect your water supply when you get your water from a well.

Ants in Well Pressure Switch?

Who would have thought that ants could have any effect on the way you get your water supply from a well? Most people haven’t even considered that ants could be the cause of their water pressure issues. What happens is, the electrical connection that turns the pump on can’t work properly if there is anything in its way. When ants are in search of water, they will go to great lengths to find it. They are often walking on the electrical contacts in order to find even a drop of water. Because this is powered by electricity, when the electrical contacts snap together, they end up killing the ants. When an ant dies, other ants come to carry away the remains and they too end up getting fried by the electrical contacts. Pretty soon, there are so many dead ants around those contacts that they aren’t able to make contact anymore and can’t turn on the pump. Homeowners will notice a decline in their water pressure until pretty soon, there is no water at all.

Signs of Ant Infestation Problems in Your Well

You should check your well for any signs of ants around that area. You will notice trails and even ant hills if there are ants present. Your first reaction might be to spray some insecticide in order to get rid of these pesky creatures, but you should avoid doing so since this is so close to your water supply. You don’t want to contaminate it.

Call Water Well Repair & Maintenance Service Professionals

The best thing to do when you have an ant problem at your well site, is to call a professional to take care of the problem like AAA Water Team. They don’t only specialize in water systems, but they take care of ants that are causing problems in wells with the means necessary to keep the water supply safe to consume. You don’t want to try and remove any dead ants on your own since they are so close to electricity. It is best to leave it up to those that have been trained in how to take care of these matters.

Ant Treatment in Wells, Water Pump Inspections, Installations, Replacements, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you are having a problem with your well water pressure, don’t hesitate to call AAA Water Team to come help you determine the cause of your problem and get your water back to where it should be all while keeping it safe to drink.

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