Types of Bacteria, Viruses, Microorganisms & Pathogens Found in Drinking Tap Water in Cape Coral, FL

Some people would really prefer not to know what is in their water. However for those that do want to know, AAA Water Team would like to talk about some of the common bacteria and viruses found in most of our water. We know that viruses are known to be the smallest forms of microorganisms that are capable of causing diseases and bacteria. They are single-celled microorganisms that are also known to cause health problems such as diseases in humans, animals or plants. The more you know about these viruses and bacteria the better you will be able to fight against them!

Bacteria, Viruses & Pathogens Commonly Found in Drinking Water

Bacteria and viruses are often categorized as pathogens. Pathogens are disease-causing organisms in water that hasn’t been treated or even poorly treated. Some have a high health risk if ingested. Two of the top pathogens are Legionella and Enteroviruses.

Legionella in Water Supply

Legionella is a bacterium that is found naturally in our environment, and most commonly in our water. This bacterium thrives in warmer water and poses a health risk. If this water is aerosolized such as in the shower or in are air conditioning systems and inhaled it can cause pneumonia.

Enteroviruses Waterborne Pathogens

Enterovisruses are a virus instead of a kind of bacterium that is very small. Enteroviruses that are commonly found in our water are Echoviruses and Coxsackieviruses. They have a negative effect on both people and animals. Additionally there are three other viruses accompanied with the Enteroviruses such as 62-Nonpolio that can cause many disease in human some of which are gastroenteritis and meningitis.

Water Quality Indicators

Some Bacteria and viruses are categorized as an indicator or a level that identifies and determines any problems in a water treatment system. Here is a list of viruses and bacteria that are used as an indicator to help test our water.

Why is Turbidity Important?

Turbidity is a reference that is used when water has cloudiness, though Turbidity isn’t a bacteria or virus it can get in the way of the disinfection process. That can later contribute to bacteria and virus growth in filtered water. These organisms can cause diseases that often lead to symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, headaches and cramping.

Coliform in Water

Coliforms bacteria are used as an indicator that is naturally found in the environment. Too high a level of Coliforms is a red flag for the possibility of harmful bacteria that may cause health risks.

Enterococci or Coliphage in Water

Enterocci and coliphage are fecal indicators that identify microbes of human or animal waste in the water. if untreated they can lead to some short term health effects to severe immunity problem in the elderly or in children and infants.

Water Treatments in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Water treatments are a vital part to drinking water. Avoiding harmful bacteria and viruses is to have all the proper water treatment systems in place and functioning properly. If you need to update or improve your water filtration systems, AAA Water Team can help you improve your water. Knowing what is in our water is vital to our battle against potential problems. We want everyone to have a better quality of health and it starts with our water. Call us today.

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